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AB PLUS draws clients primarily from throughout New England, with the majority located in the Boston area. Typically, our clients fall within the traditional description of "small business": one to fifty employees, revenues under $10 million. However, exceptions exist where a larger engagement makes operational and economic sense.

Our practice being general in nature is not industry-specific. Similarly, our clientele represents a wide spectrum of businesses, including for example:

Individuals and Professional Firms
Design and Service Companies
Advertising Agencies
Research and Technology firms
Non-Profit Organizations and Schools
Nonetheless, like many of our clients, we are in a service business---billing for hours worked. Accordingly, we at AB PLUS have particular expertise in dealing with the specialized aspects of "time-and-billing" platforms for financial record keeping and invoice management.

A large segment of our client list is comprised of referrals from existing clients, bankers and CPAs.

A job well done is our best reference! Here is what some of our clients have said about AB PLUS:
“ABPlus are highly reliable, attentive to the smallest detail, and in general give me peace of mind so that I can concentrate on serving my clients”
Peter J. Cummin
Cummin Associates Inc.
“Hiring AB Plus to do our books was the best decision I ever made as an Executive Director!”
Zachary G. Lehman, Esq.
MetroLacrosse, Inc.
“You are so dependable. I can always count on ABPLUS!”
Clementine Brown
Marketing Director
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